Add link to image in posts.


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I know I can Add a link and a upload a photo to a post / thread but...

Can I add a photo that links to another URL? I have had a quick go but cant seem a way of doing it.

Another option if not possible is to add the raw HTML code but how do I activate this for admin only?

Any Ideas?

Thanks in Advance


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Just paste the URL or click on the chain link icon in the toolbar, after first highlighting some text.

To embed an image, click on the tree icon in the toolbar.

To upload an image click the [Upload a File] button.

HTML is not supported in posts without an add-on - there is on in the Resource Manager.


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Perhaps, I did not explain myself well.

I want to add an image that when clicks go to another url.

I tried to upload an Image, then highlighted it, clicked the add link button and added link, then saved. The image does not link for some reason.


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Oh, I see.
Like this:

Your steps were correct.
That's exactly what I did, except I embedded an image, rather than uploaded one.