Add Link Optionally to Poll Choices


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Sometimes it's easier to link Poll Options for members to click and decide what they want to vote for instead of having to scroll down the thread, read a bunch of text, see all of the options, then scroll back up to finally vote.

It'll be great if xenForo includes an option to add a link (optionally) in Poll Choices:

link polls.png

You can click the [+] button to bring up another field to insert the link.

It'd be a bonus if this option can be enabled/disabled on a user group basis.
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When viewing contests after they are over, you have to sift through a dozen pages of comments to even see the dozen entries that were voted on.

It's a very old school way of doing things, like from the nineties.

If we had the ability to link the photo in the poll to the post where the photo entry is embedded, we could click it and get access to the contest entry right from the poll listing. It would be a game changer in regards to being user friendly to view the content.

It could be html for admin use only from the admin panel.
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