Implemented Add ability to manually grant account upgrades


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I would love to see the ability to manually give a user an account upgrade without them having to purchase it. Reason being, my community often holds events or contests, and the winners get a free month or two of a service that is purchased via an account upgrade.

It would be great to be able to give them an upgrade that granted them the service for whatever duration the upgrade was set to, and then expired automatically. Currently without the ability to manually grant upgrades, if we want to give users a free upgrade for X months, we have to do it manually via User Groups / other and then remember to remove them after X time (this can easily get problematic especially when you're rewarding a bunch of members at different times, perhaps for different events).

If we could manually grant them the upgrade, they'd have it for X time and then would automatically lose it once that upgrade expires.

I often find users who win contests end up purchasing those upgrades afterward as well, so an easy way to manage all the 'freebies' would be very helpful and thus prevent them from getting the free services for longer than they should due to the required manual removal.

Is this feasible? I realize it might not be a widely needed feature but for my community it would be a godsend. Just a thought.

Edit: If this is better off as an addon, or rather, would even WORK as an addon, I'd definitely be open to that, but I would probably need some help getting pointed in the right direction.


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Umm you can? Unless I am mistaken you just hover the upgrades controls in the ACP and manually give it to them.