Lack of interest Add ability to limit the number of tag pages created and added to sitemap

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As XenForo sits now if you turn on adding tag pages to the sitemap, all tags on the site get submitted with a separate page url for indexing. For most sites this will literally be thousands of tag pages many of which will have no contextual significance to the site and will just hurt the indexing strength of other more significant pages by watering the overall website down.

There is currently an option to limit the tag cloud page to "X" tags. I think adding the same ability to limit the actual number of tag pages created, and in turn the number of tag pages added to the sitemap would make tags much more useful and less likely to actually hurt the site SEO.

Limiting tag page creation to the top "XX" most popular tags on your site. A default setting of "100" and then let the admin adjust one way or the other from there. You could also show a list of most popular tags and allow the admin to select which ones he wants tag pages created for.

I'm pretty sure no one wants thousands of tag pages submitted for indexing, and currently that is the current situation with all or nothing on tag pages.
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