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Digital Doctor

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Is there any post versioning (aka a backup) for accidental deletions ? or rogue wikiPosters ?

Are the edit permission thread-specific or generic for all wikiPosts ?

Can any OP assign editing rights ? ie. can one member give another member editing rights ?

Stuart Wright

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Before installing this addon, we have some concerns that members might abuse the Wiki and cause work for the moderators. Or spam might get posted and go unnoticed (since spam checking is not used on post edits).
Do edits to wikis cause an alert to be sent to a particular person?
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Not using code listener hints on the load_class event is something I consider to be a blocker for performance.

Those two template hooks should be replaceable with admin template modifications (regex if you want to inject it at the end of the template hook point), removing the need to touch template hooks.

The biggest thing is the bitfield FETCH_THREAD_WIKI_OPTIONS is not a power of 2, and thus gets really confusing on if you meant to use it as a short cut to match a bunch of join options.

Whenever FETCH_THREAD_WIKI_OPTIONS is added it always pulls the following information:

const FETCH_USER = 0x01;
const FETCH_FORUM = 0x02;
const FETCH_FIRSTPOST = 0x04;
const FETCH_DELETION_LOG = 0x10;

Is all that really required when viewing a list of threads?

But otherwise it looks fairly clean and quite well written, and I look forward to seeing how this addon improves.
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This could be really cool if you could have multiple permission groups. You could have some pages that are an "WikiAdmin" level only edit, and others that are only "WikiEditor".
Like this addon, only bug with my forum site is.. Can't like the first post of my forum threads anymore.
To bad had to disable the addon wikiposts because we like the like button.

Get the error in dutch so can't translate exactly.. something like "the requisted topic can not be found" when push the like button.



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I don't think many would consider this without some kind of version control and ability to moderate edits or have some kind of workflow.