Ad Options

In Post itself?
Between 1st and 2nd post?
160 wide side columns?

Are all of these available.

How about importer from VB 4.20? Will it be smooth for a forum with 1.1 million plus posts and 30k members?

I really like the people behind this forum software and I think VB has gotten off track and they are making something that should be simple too complex for users...

I have a bunch of middle aged to old dudes on my forum, they don't like change and they are not computer guys for the most part...

Paid subs, are they imported automatically? I have people that pay a small fee per year to not see advertising and would rather support the forum financially as opposed to block advertising ... Will it be easy to set users seeing advertising or not by usergroup?

I really want to support your product but I have to know, if I were starting a new forum there would be no question whatsoever I would be using XEN


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Any ad addon is fine but if you are using a lot of conditionals then you need to only stick with editing the ad templates directly such as ad_content_above etc and so on.

Reason being is that sometimes the addon has conflicts with your site and create odd bugs like they don't show all the time or your conditional doesn't work the way it should.

I learned this on vBulletin 4 but seem to have unlearned it when I switched to xenforo and relearned it again after much trial-and-error.

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Hey 8thos you were right, add on is more likely same as plugin for wordpress sometimes can conflicts with others