AD Monetize v2 - DFP integration, template conditionals, client management

Mike C

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Hi all,

Im looking for some beta testers to test the vastly improved AD Monetize add-on. We rebuilt it from the ground up since it was originally built in a way in which we couldn't get template conditionals. And to my knowledge this is something that is currently lacking from any current advertisement manager at XenForo.

All other ad systems require that you go into the templates in order to set forum ID permissions, thread id permissions, page specific permissions, etc. It works with all the current AD Monetize features as well. Oh and it has seamless DFP integration as well, associating ads with users, and front-end support for your members to purchase ads on your site. It has it all. Hundreds of features, and Im super excited to share them in a week or two.

But I don't want to share them yet...

AD Monetize v2 BETA | XFUniverse

If you are interested in joining the beta group, please visit the link above. We are looking for actual beta testers, not those looking to get the software free. Chances are you'll need to reinstall the add-on when we release the gold version, so it should NOT be used on production sites unless you are fully aware of this. And of course the fact that its beta software.

If you have DFP setup, great as we want to make sure it is setup properly. You'll be able to pull almost anything directly into DFP.

A public feature set will be released closer to launch when we've had some testing done.

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I've got you approved :) Sorry about that, the username matched a user here with no contribution to anything.
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