XF 1.3 Activation Code ?


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Would you please tell me if its possible to replace activation email with activation code like what we had in vBulletin 3 ? It would be a great feature to reduce spam since the new user will have to copy the activation code and then paste it in the respective section in the forums to activate his/her account.

Plus it will automatically make services like malinator useless and we will not have to worry about such emails anymore ...

Thank you


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I'm not understanding what you're asking and I'm not sure I see the benefit. If the email can be received, it can be processed by a spam tool or with a throwaway email.


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Sorry I typed my request so fast ...

In vBulletin3 I had removed Activation link from m email template and replaced it with Activation code .. so vBulletin was sending an activation code instead of a link...

Hence users have to enter the activation code in a respective form to activate their account.

And you are right , the built-in Spam-Prevention system works great but I wonder if there is such function in XF that I can use ...

Thank you Mike.