Implemented ACP > User Group permissions

Ryan Kent

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Two suggestions I have for improving the usability of this area.

1. I would like to be able to select a user group and see a list of everyone in that group. There are many uses for this feature. One example would be if you want to know if there is anyone in the admin group who should not be. Presently you need to go into the database and run a query.

2. I would like the ability to add multiple users to a group from within the group. I recently created a group for a group of 25 users. I had to bring up each user individually, add them to the group, save the change. I would have much preferred an option from within the group which would have brought up a filterable (is that a word? lol) list of members whom I can tick a checkbox for, select all the ones I want, then save. It would be a big time savings and help avoid mistakes.

If this functionality already exists and I missed it, wouldn't be the first time :whistle:


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For your first point just use the user search function; check the user groups as required.

Ryan Kent

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Once again I missed something that was staring me in the face! Thanks Brogan.

Feel free to edit out the #1 item but I'll leave the suggestion up for #2.