Not a bug Accounts (user groups) downgraded from paid user upgrades expiring do not downgrade features


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I use the paid user upgrades to add functionality for users, for example Avatar control. A user may pay, set their avatar, then not renew. The avatar remains set. Their user account is downgraded as such they are not allowed to have an Avatar but there is no functionality that removes a feature like this when a paid user upgrade is downgraded to a different user group. This also affects other functionality such as signatures, etc. as they differ among user group permissions. An event should fire in this downgrade that removes items per the user group change, i.e. unset avatar, truncate or clear signature, etc.
The permission you are using, presumably, is "Upload an avatar". This controls whether or not a user can upload an avatar. If they have this permission, they upload an avatar, and then that permission is removed, they can no longer upload an avatar. It isn't designed to retrospectively track and inspect whether or not they performed an action while they had that permission and then determine whether or not that action should still be allowed.

The same logic applies to signature and other permissions too. If a user's permission to post in a particular forum is revoked, you wouldn't want that content to then be deleted because they're no longer able to perform that action.

It's just not how permissions work.

They are inspected at the point of use.

You can use the "Batch update users" functionality to "Remove avatars" on users matching the criteria you specify so perhaps you can do that but, as it stands, that currently needs to be run manually.
I have encountered the same issue.
Is there a way of triggering anything like an sql query when a downgrade occurs as I would like to remove the avatar and change the custom title.
You would need permission for:
display user's avatar
Display user's signature
Display user's custom title

This would require an addon. I don't know if it exists. But I do use similar permission to display animated avatar for xf1.
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