XF 1.5 Account upgrades not showing up


I have 8 account upgrades set up. I'm using the add-on "User Upgrades" from Theme House that allows us to have multiple PayPal accounts. Here is a screenshot of the upgrades in the Admin panel:

Here is what it looks like on the forum. As you can see, only three of the 8 are showing up. All of them look the same and are configured the same in the Admin panel. Why can't I get all 8 to show up under "account upgrades" in the actual forum?
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You will need to post in the resource thread for support as the add-on may be changing the default code and/or have options we are not familiar with.


I have fixed the account upgrade issues. Now, I'm having trouble getting the categories to be in the correct order. I want a category I set up titled "General Upgrades" to show up first. Even though it's listed as #1, the one currently as #2 is still above it. Any ideas of what I might still be doing wrong?


Another question... I have the usual "registered" upgrade that allows people to comment in the public parts of the forum. Now, in order for anyone to access any of the private sections of the forum, I want them to pay a one-time fee. I have created a user upgraded called "Forum Participation." How can I make it so that all other user upgrades must do the "Forum Participation" upgrade first? I've read the manual and can't seem to find the answer to that question.

UPDATE: I see that you can list an upgrade and then users can't see the other upgrades until the first one is paid. However, I don't want to do it that way since it's confusing to people.
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