Lack of interest Account Upgrades. Moderation queue plus currency and VAT options

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Stuart Wright

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I would like to use account upgrades at AVForums for businesses to pay to upgrade their account to be able to engage with the community as a business representative.
But we need some additional features.
  1. account upgrades go into the moderation queue before payment is taken. We want the option to refuse upgrades to competitors and businesses with a bed reputation (like the ex-demo kitchen spammers).
  2. because we need to check upgrades first, we want them to provide information about the brand/business/products/services that they represent. So we need to alter the submission form. Maybe custom form fields?
  3. we need to comply with EU VAT rules and either charge VAT according to the country they are based in (which they will need to declare and maybe we can suggest from their IP) or restrict upgrades to people in a single country (the UK in our case).
  4. if we have recurring payments, we at least need to be notified if the member is banned, and ideally Xenforo needs to cancel the recurring payment.
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