XF 1.2 Access to certain areas for non-admin members

Hi there,

We'd like to give access to certain Admin CP features and functions to certain non-admins. For example, we would like to give the ability to create nodes to a super moderator. Is this possible?

Many thanks.


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Anything that can only be done in the admin CP requires the user to be made an admin (by definition). You can limit permissions, though they may not be granular enough for your needs.
Thanks for your help, Mike - you guys are amazing. Here's the situation: we have a sales manager to whom we'd like to give the ability to create nodes, but to not have access to any other part of the admin panel, especially deleting nodes. Can you think of a way to achieve this?


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There is no way to achieve that in the core code.
The manage nodes permissions relates to creating, editing and deleting nodes.
It would require an add-on to override the core functionality.