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Accept cookies banner for EU users

Accept cookies banner for EU users 6.5

No permission to download


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lms updated Accept cookies banner for EU users with a new update entry:

Now floating and autodismissible with manual or auto cookie setting

The banner shown above or below or floating.
Fully phrased, for language customizations.
CSS handy and customizable sice style properties.
Fully responsive.
You can set the cookie duration (days).
When you press the OKAY button, a cookie is set and the banner disappears
Autodismissible with manual or auto cookie setting
With transparency
All from style properties.
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@Iomega0318 i feel your pain :D
Looks great and definitely using it, but my goodness the hoops you have to jump through on your website including registering on your forums (which would have been easier had it been in English) & validating your XenForo License just to download a free resource.
Haha, it was quite the mission to sign up to a non English site, it would be 10 times harder for anyone thats new to xenforo. I had to hover over buttons and look at the urls to know where to go lol. And use google translate. Then the validating, i was like, you got to be kidding me. But yeah, awesome mod, but no way you could download as a guest, every time i hit add to cart, just makes you sign up.

Anyway, thanks for the mod, its a good one ;)