XF 2.2 AbstractStatement MySQL error


Hi, the error pictured below pops up every time someone hits submit reply on my forum. Oddly, the post seems to go through anyway but I'd like to get rid of that big red error. Can someone please give me a step-by-step solution, like I'm a 5 year old.

Almost forgot, my host siteground is redoing their DNS or something, could it be related? The error just started today and the email they sent about the DNS was today as well (also pictured below).



Thanks for any help.


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Repair or truncate the xf_search_index table in the database.
You can use phpMyAdmin to do that.

If you truncate it, rebuild the search index in the XF ACP.


Wait, you said "repair" the table in phpmyadmin. Don't think I did that yet so ignore the post above as it's just the error from rebuilding search through the ACP. So basically, how do I repair/truncate from the phpadmin screenshot above? Thanks.


I think it's fixed now, emptied the table. I went into xf_search instead of xf_search_index earlier, which could've been the problem. Thanks a lot for your help, Brogan.