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About the "Report to Forum"...

As an alternative way of handling reported posts, can a reported post show as a thread in a created "Report Forum"?

And if so, could each post in the "Report Forum" have a "Report" option, just like posts in the other forums?

And if so, where could reported posts from the "Report Forum" be reported to... a second "Report Forum"?
If a post within the designated forum is reported, it will cause a thread to be created within the same forum.
But I'm wanting a reported post to create a thread in a separate "Report Forum". And I thought I read somewhere this could be done; perhaps this was a mod. So I was wanting confirmation this could be done.

And then if this can be done, I'd want the posts in the "Report Forum" to each have the "Report" function and do the same thing into a second "Report Forum".


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If i use the search in ACP i can search only for Member.
If you mean the the options for search there is no option for reports.