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About 'SimpleCache'


New member

I am trying to use setSimpleCacheData/getSimpleCacheData, but am very confused if the 'SimpleCache' is session-specific or global.

If A-user opens a page that uses the setsimplecache with 'aSIMPLEKEYNAME'-key and B-user opens the same page, are both A and B users using the same 'aSIMPLEKEYNAME'-key? Or, are each users using one's own 'aSIMPLEKEYNAME'-key?

I want to keep some data across pages, but session-specifically. What do you think is best for the case?

Thanks in advance!

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
The simple cache is global.

If you want to store session specific information you can save it directly to the session.


New member
Do you mean the following?
XenForo_Application::getSession()->set($key, $value);