About importing from SMF

I'm sorry to ask my question here and not in the appropriate thread, but I've not (yet) buy XF so I'm not allowed to post.

My question is about importing from SMF to XF. I've read the FAQ but still have some questions :

Let say my forum (under SMF) is currently hosted on my server in "Myforum_SMF/" directory. Of course when I use the adress "www.myforum.com" it goes directly to this directory.

How will I install XF ? Am I suppose to create a new directory : "Myforum_XF/", install XF in this directory and then run the import from "Myforum_SMF/ " ?

Or will I install XF into the original "Myforum_SMF" directory ?


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XenForo must be installed in a different directory.

Run the importer.

Archive the SMF installation and move/rename the XF installation.
...ouch...faster than light !!! :D

You mean that I'll install in "Myforum_XF/" (new directory installation) then run the importer then archive / delete the SMF installation then rename "Myforum_XF/" (fresh installation) to "Myforum_SMF/" (or whatsoever) ?


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More or less, yes.

However, you shouldn't need to have XenForo installed in "Myforum_SMF/", it just needs to be in the public HTML directory.

Typically most people install in the root, \forum or \community directories.