Ability to embed Xenforo Login on an external Wordpress page?


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Is there anyway to do this? What is the code needed? I am using Wordpress as my frontend CMS and I would like forum members to be able to login from our homepage.


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Also I would be curious to embed the registration fields on an external Wordpress page, that way I can integrate it in with some additional payment options.


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sorry, not seen this - check out www.nzbees.net is that what you want to do?
I use wordpress for the front page, diary and news. The members are linked but in my case they dont do anything outside of the forum.

I log into my wordpress using my forum login, but I think you are after the other way around?


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We're not going to use a bridge as we don't really need it, we're just going to use Wordpress to create our homepage and it's only 1 page. We just want to code in a login box for Xenforo and streamline things.


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*bump* :sneaky:

This would really be useful. Can someone work out a way to do this? I'm open to using the bridge as well.
Basically, I would like to create a "checkout page" (using an external payment system) but add two fields which say username/password and when the person submits the order through this other system...an account in Xenforo is created. That way I can use Xenforo as a paid membership site platform.

If Xenforo offered other payment options (like Authorize.net, MoneyBookers, BeanStream, ClickBank, etc. and also allowed us to charge users BEFORE they can register, I wouldn't have to go this route. Right now, a user has to register first, then click upgrade and checkout via Paypal (only payment offered). So you end up with a lot of freebie seekers and guest accounts where people don't finish the process and it's a confusion work flow for visitors to navigate.


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Well the code for there is:

<div id="loginBar" style="z-index: 9999;">
<div class="pageWidth">
<div class="pageContent">
<h3 id="loginBarHandle">
<span class="helper"></span>
<div class="_swOuter" style="overflow: hidden; height: 170px;">
<div class="_swInner" style="margin: 0px auto auto;">
<form id="login" class="xenForm eAuth" style="display: block;" method="post" action="login/login">
<ul id="eAuthUnit">
<div class="ctrlWrapper">
<dl class="ctrlUnit">
<input id="LoginControl" class="textCtrl" type="text" tabindex="101" name="login">
<dl class="ctrlUnit">
<dl class="ctrlUnit submitUnit">
<input type="hidden" value="1" name="cookie_check">
<input type="hidden" value="/forums/" name="redirect">
<input type="hidden" value="" name="_xfToken">
Which is what is the thing that opens and reveals the coding... I'm not sure of what is the external source for it... I'm thinking it's in the login file but I don't know where to find it... :/ I'm pretty sure if you edit this code to your needs, it should work, but I rather find a bridge or something to work with it.