Ability to change your "primary" usergroup?


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Hello there.

So i was wondering, i have a staff system with multiple ranks, and xenforo forces me to have one system where, one of the ranks of the staff, has to be the highest priority over all the others.

And that, on several ranks, forces me to choose witch one to display, even if they are "equal".

So, i know XF doesn't support this, is there any addon that might help me with letting one user, change the usergroup considered the "highest" priority for them?

You should be able to do this with secondary user groups and promotions. Everyone's primary user group should be Registered. In the long term, it'll save you from a bunch of headaches.
Yes that's how i have it setup.

I just have groups that members have, that change stuff as CSS name styling, and so on, that they ask me if they can't be the other group they have as their main, instead of the group that will follow, the highest priority for it.
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