Not planned A xenforo minecraft vote list?

hey xenforo.

I have been looking for a addon to xenforo where you can make you own small minecraft vote list like you know from other minecraft server list:

My idea is that you can have just you own minecraft servers on this list then you players can go on you website and vote on the server and get a reward in-game.

I dont wish that you pressing the vote button and then you shift to a minecraft server list website like you do with this one:

i like it so you still are on you own xenforo website.

Srry my English


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As you are asking for an add-on, I'm moving this to the closed suggestions forum as [No Thanks] as it is definitely a niche suggestion and not something to implement in the core. If you'd like to request an add-on, you will need to associate your username with your license and post in the appropriate forum.