Can I embed a xenforo forum in an iframe?

I already have a website. Can I put xenforo within an iframe on my website, so it looks like it's just part of my website?

NodeBB allows this, I just had to change a few security settings to determine which domains can embed it. I'm hoping Xenforo would let me do this too.
Technically nothing speaks against it. XF does not have a frame breaker in it's core.

But IMHO it does not make sense: users won't see the url of the page their are visiting inside XF and given you have a navigation on your main site, there would be 2 main navigation hierarchies.

Better: install XF in a subfolder or subdomain.

Maybe you use Wordpress for your main site. In that case you can use a XF<->WP Bridge.
Agree with @nocte , best option would be to integrate your site with XF using SSO (single sign on) and you can also make a seamless design so that look and feel should be similar to your current site and user doesnt feel any difference while switching your site to your forum.
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