Duplicate A very basic smartphone app for notifications


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Now that XenForo is fully responsive I don't see the need for Tapatalk (TT) anymore except by the fact that TT sends you notifications (like when you receive a SMS or an email) to your smartphone each time one of your threads gets a reply or someone starts a conversation with you. I think this feature is called "push notifications"? If not then please let me know...

Well anyway I think that @Kier or @Mike (or even better both) should invest some of their time to learn app programming for iOS and Android so they can provide us a basic and lightweight app that we can provide to our users so they can receive a notification each time they get a like, someone quotes them, or when a new conversation is started like in TT. This way our members will get the notification on their smartphones and click on the link (provided by the app) that should drive them directly to our responsive forum so they can read the content :)

I think all of us will be more than happy to offer such a way needed functionality to our members and will have no problems in paying for this additional product (like the RM or ES) instead of investing in not reliable apps like TT.

If you support my suggestion please like it so developers could take it in account!


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It would be a huge breakthrough if it becomes reality. @digitalpoint made one for iOS/OX devices but not Android so there is still a market.
I would definitely pay for this so my members can get notified/alert on their phone.