A User Manual for Forum Users?

I see quite a bit information on for admins but haven't found anything for users.

We're just moving to Xenforo from VB and I want to point Forum members to a user manual created specifically for them.

Can someone explain what it means to become a 'follower' of someone else?
thanks for the quick answers. It shows up in the News Feed - good! Nice feature..

Recent activity stream - Allow people to easily see all the recent happenings on your forum, beyond just the messages posted. Members can follow each other to get their own personalized news feed showing the content they want to see.
I'm not clear about recent activity....it shows all the most recent activity on the Forum = beyond postings...such as? Can that activity stream be modified and if so can you point me how? Is it possible to pick up postings by subject, for instance?

I need to add content to the Help sections. It says - All about page content goes in-between the div content tags. Can you point me where to do that?

Thanks. Looking forward to those add-ons - that would be a great development.

We do want to add to the Help pages -so thanks for that -my need right now is more basic, though, - simply to add content to the "About Us" section, the Staff section etc.


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There are no About Us or Staff sections in the default build.

I'm not sure what you're referring to.