User Manual for Moderators?

I looked for a while, but couldn't find this. One of my new moderators is looking for an instruction manual for moderation tools. You know, things like, how to move a thread, how to delete a post, etc. I know that it's pretty easy to figure these things out, but thought it would be nice if I could point him to a user manual for moderators, if such thing exists.

Please let me know!


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Or make a screencast of your own and publish it in a private Mod/Team/Staff forum or Personal Conversation.
May help your specific niches, could help their work flow, gives a voice to your team, personalises your install and their experience.
Just a thought.


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I created a thread for our site staff, with screenshots and examples, explaining how all the various moderator functions work.


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If you'd like to. The link may change in the next few weeks as we're having a bit of a sort out. There are changes ahead.

And, of course, if there are any mistakes, anyone is free to point them out. I was the only proof reader and I do occasionally miss my own errors!

Although I have to admit to being surprised you're asking, since last time we spoke you were... shall we say.. .less than civil.