A story of a XenForo fanboy


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I first came to know about XF on AdminAdict, landed here and concluded this is all Kier fanboysm (sorry Kier) and people have turned blind. Back to AdminAddict, I kept hamering on XF threads stating its just fanboysh attitude, had some exchanges with peggy ;). At no point I was thinking I will buy because of immaturity of the company.

I was visiting Admin forums here and there and getting irriated by Admins going crazy about XF whatever admin forum I visit. So just out of curiosity, I stated checking Have You Seen threads and I did not realize I was slowly getting infected by the virus.

Before I knew fully, it was too late, I had bought the XF license, had started defending XF wherever I go....and....basically I too had become a fanboy

What's your story?


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I used to read the 'licensed customer feedback' on you-know-where just for the fun of watching people complain bitterly, and someone mentioned XenForo so I came here just to have a look at it, nothing more - I didn't need board software because I was planning to let my board die of natural causes. Now I own a license and I have 600-something posts. Go figure.


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Hey Sagar.

Not a vBulletin person but do some stuff in the IPB world. One of our customers said we should check out Xen and start supporting it. My fellow Admin and partner, DF, dived in and fell in love with the whole concept. So decided I should check it out myself and got fully infected to the level of posting up threads in support of Xen at various sites and switching a Blog to heavily covering Xen. So no didn't come in with the Kier and Mike love that a lot of folks have, but can see why they have it now. Am currently upgrading a couple of IPB skins, and is that now a chore given the ease and flexibility of Xen, but find I spend more time here and on our development Xen board than actually doing the upgrades (apology to the folk waiting on those).

So yes have become something of a fanboy to the extent that I'm working on an IPB to Xen conversion script. Have a feeling the uncluttered approach Xen takes is going to appeal to a lot of our Customers. Pity really as I really like the IPB product and have a high regard for Matt and his team.


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XenForo is all I hear about in this household. I don't think there is a single thing in the world Mike has more passion for (no, not even me, and I'm fine with that ;)) and now XenForo is the thing I'm most excited about! I spend my 50-minute journeys to and from work checking these forums and it's hard not the get distracted while I'm at work. I would buy a licence if I had the need for one which I don't... and even if I did, maybe I'd be able to convince Mike, Kier and Ashley to give me one for free... just maybe...

Love love love XenForo!


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Don't worry Evalyn we'll get him into the rugby eventually as well ... oh wait that's probably not a good thing from your perspective.

Xen is pretty high on the household conversation meter here as well.