XF 1.5 A question about trophy criteria WRT customising them in the admin interface

Stuart Wright

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Hello folks,
I've been wanting to improve the standard trophy system for some time by awarding people with N trophy points for M instances of an event.
E.g. 1 point for every 50 posts.
I am putting together a specification for an addon to do this, but I want to make it better by allowing admin to create custom criteria such as
  • award 1 point every time the user posts the first reply to threads with prefix : [multiple choice prefix selector drop-down]
  • award 1 point for every new thread in forums : [multiple choice forum selector drop-down]
Is the criteria system capable of being managed in this way? I.e. would it be possible for admin to create and maintain custom criteria usable by the existing trophy system or a complete replacement?


XenForo moderator
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An add-on would be able to add those criteria as static options.

Being able to dynamically create new criteria via the ACP though would be tricky as for each one all of the supporting PHP code would be required.