A new way to do user rank.


Now, I don't know if xenForo will have or come with an even optional user rank system (Higher post count, higher rank) but since it's the prime time for suggestions, I might throw mine out there:

I've always thought that the user ranking system on most major forum softwares was flawed to say the least. One user wants a higher rank, and they'd go spamming posts everywhere just to up their post count. A while ago I was redesigning my forums with plans on redesigning much of the code for different features and functionality I thought would improve the forum goer experience.

I sought to redo the whole user ranking system. So I came up with the idea of rather than "more posts, better rank," I'd be more realistic and have "better posts, better rank."

Each post would have an up/down rater. If you thought the post was good, or you agree or like the post for whatever reason, you would up the post's rating. If it was a stupid, unfunny, bad grammar, lying, hypocritical, etc. post, then you would select down.

Each post would have a number to reflect how good it was. If 20 people upped a post, and 4 people downed it, it would be +16. Each user would have an overall rating with all of the numbers from their posts (Such as +2, +5, -6) added together (To make +1).

Then, that number would take place of where the post count was in determining user rank, and a user with +200 would have a higher rank. Post counts would still be visible, but no longer the determiner of their e-peen.

Now, xenForo has "liking" posts, which I thought was similar to "upping" a post. I thought that if there would be a "dislike" it would be easy to just implement this idea myself. However, Kier has stated that there will never be a dislike button.

I'm pretty sure many of you would liken this idea of an up/down rater as a like/dislike rater. Which it could be in many ways, but it has a different purpose.

Many people were saying that a "dislike" was stupid because it was negative and pointless and probably would cause drama. However, I believe that if it had this user ranking system behind it, or even changed to up/down, it would yield different results.

If xenForo does not and won't have a "user ranking" system, and if this isn't good enough of an idea, just forget it. If you do like this idea, or think it could be improved on, say so.

P.S. My brother and friend were discussing about how this system might be vulnerable to abuse, and though I strongly disagree, my brother came up with the idea that an "up" to a post would add +1 and a down would negate a third of a point. It probably would be simpler to be +3 and -1 respectively though. However, I don't think it would be a problem.

So what do you think?


We already have Trophies and IMHO that's a nice way for users to earn rank. Not only is it based on post count alone like most systems but it has things like first like, first message, first follower etc.