a mobile site vs. an app


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so I'm about to make an app, but I see some sites have a mobile version. are they the same thing as a mobile app or not?

if they are different, then I presume that there are differences between making a mobile version of your site vs. making an app for your site.

mobile version advantages, that I see:

  1. don't need to pay the google developer fee in the app market
  2. don't need to wait for approval by google (thus escaping their developer TOS)
so are there any benefits by making an app over a mobile site?


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Unless you develop the app yourself, you have to wait for the developer to fix it everytime a new version of the forum updates and breaks the app.
That's what happens with Tapatalk, etc which is why I prefer to wait for the mobile style which i can fix.


Also, if you go the app route, you'll be stuck making one for every platform (android, iphone, and maybe blackberry). Mobile site has its own draw backs, but at least it should work on all devices.

I wouldn't make an application unless your site offers things like streaming video. For example, my intercept doesn't support flash video and lots of android phones are in the same boat. However, if you make an application you can stream video through it to these devices.

So really, it just depends on what you're offering. In my opinion, if you're like most sites/forums and the bulk of your content is text and images a mobile version of the site will be a better investment of your time than a full blown application.


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Mobile site. I wish one came with XF by default like with IPB and VB.

Is there one in the pipeline. I'm already using the XFStop mobile skin but it's not 100% ideal as there's no auto-switch for mobile devices.