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Suggestion for a mobile theme


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I am quite frustrated with Tapatalk and have been trying to get rid of it. I have tried hard to make the default theme work well on the mobile browser but in the end it is still a responsive theme and codes for ads (even when hidden using google suggested css3 media queries) and widgets end up slowing down the experience.

I do not plan to degrade the desktop version to make it work better on the mobile. I was wondering if there exist a mobile only theme that is designed to be fast and usable. I have been trying to search for an AMP based theme for XenForo but could not locate it. I hope someone is working on an AMP based theme for XenForo with the sole aim of speed and usability because I would gladly pay for it...

Anyhow. I am looking for suggestions for themes that work well on mobile devices. Assuming it can be made the default option for users accessing the forum from a mobile device. And it does not pick up the modifications made to template for the desktop version. Since I am using a child theme for the mods, this should not be a problem?

Also from the threads I have been reading, I believe it is still not clear if XF developers are planning to add native support for real time web notifications powered by service works and stuff right now. Hopefully it is being considered. I have seen a few third party add-ons being offered as alternatives which might work for me. Right now the focus is on getting a mobile theme that is fast and accessible and usable! Even if it differs from the desktop experience and does not offer all the functionality of the website. It should allow access to content and ability to start new threads and reply to existing ones.



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AMP based theme is not possible because currently AMP doesn't support forms. Forum is built around forms: login, register, post message, reply, etc.


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any recommendations for a bare bones responsive theme that can be used for mobile view only. plus a way to load that theme exclusively for mobile users?