A little XenForo love


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Last year, after much researching my colleagues and I made the decision that XenForo was going to be our future forum software. vBulletin 4 was a step up from where we had started with PHPBB, but it was antiquated and problematic and after checking out vB5 I was nonplussed.

After slowly converting all of our customizations to XenForo add-ons, we're at the point of last minute fine-tuning before making the switch live. I'm itching to do this, of course. After months of testing and using, testing and using, doing anything in XenForo has now become second nature. Using vBulletin for anything now is like putting on wet clothes you let sit in a bag for a week. Ew.

In my day job I provide support via Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels for a San Francisco-based Startup that has millions of users. Seeing such a tiny team produce a great product, yet still individually reply to questions on their own forum warms the cackles of my misanthropic heart.

So, I guess to summarize I'm exceptionally and extremely thankful that XenForo exists. Please don't die. :)

- Adam