A Good Alternative to Notepad++


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I get scared when I see 100MB+ (or even 10MB+) files for code/text editors. Atom was like 166MB. No thanks. I use Notepad2 and Notepad++, both are tiny installs as they should be. I prefer Notepad2 for coding but the Find across files features in Notepad++ are superior.


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Can anyone recommend an alternative that would allow me to highlight code? To my limited knowledge, I don't think I can do this with Notepad++. Thanks!
I use both Visual Studio Code and Notepad++ on an almost daily occurrence.


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What's the issue with notepad++? Granted I don't use it for alot...just curious
Main advantage is they're all multi-platform, running on Windows, Mac and Linux while Notepad++ is Windows-only (as far as I know).

Feature-wise, Notepad++ holds up pretty well as a general purpose editor, but there are more powerful extensions for VS Code, Atom and, to a lesser extent, Sublime Text. For web development (HTML, JS, CSS) VS Code (and probably also Atom, which I do not know well enough to make claims) is probably better suited than Notepad++.

Personally, I still prefer Vim over most other editors. Granted, it requires one to study 2 years to get a degree in Vim-ology until you figure out how to save a file, and then 5 years of daily experience until you fully understand fundamentals like mark, cut, copy and paste, but in the end, it's worth it. It's a great tool :)