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We run a forum that has been going for many years and I'm keen to change from VB. So I have a few questions that I hope someone can advise on.

1. Can you apply a different style for each forum? We have forums that are tied to specific TV related websites and want to create that look with banners etc for each forum.

2. Is there a Twitter login option?

3. We have a major issue with spam (as most do). Is this forum effective at stopping Spam posts and registrations?

4. Can this be used for comments on wordpress?

5. Is there RSS for specific threads?

1. Yes. Its a node setting.
2. There's an add-on (or this add-on) for that.
3. There are several add-ons that add to the built in options, and 1.1.4 (latest release) included new registration checks to curb it. I've read its be effective. (tenants has a few released, including this one.)
4. There is a bridge, which will allow you to use XenForo for comments.
5. No. I also can't quickly find an add-on that does this.
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