XF 1.1 A few questions...


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Will answer what I can:
4) In core, check user registration in Options.
5) I don't know how that work, but there is post ratings by Dark Immortal, which works fairly good
6) Q&A is the best core option, there are a few other resources as well. I use Are you a human by LukeGB
7) It is the default behaviour of xF. Staff posts don't have the no follow tag though
8) Tapatalk have an addon in the resource manager. There is also a mobile style
9) There are a few guides for that, one here: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/sub-nodes-in-columns.580/
10) Robbo has the profile completion addon that encourages user to go through certain steps after registering. Other than that, you can use notices and the notification addon by Chris. There are no way AFAIK to "force" them.

I tried finding some links, but I hate the search here on xF and I am kinda lazy....
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Jake Bunce

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1) ...

Cause I think alot of members bookmark threads, and if I can keep things pretty much the same as old urls/permalinks.. it's better than installing a plugin redirection...
For the purpose of preserving old links, anything less than an exact match isn't good enough. Besides, there is no option to change the URL formats like you want. I suggest installing redirects:


2) Probably a browser issue. Here is the logout post:

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Jake Bunce

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11a) Chatbox

11b) A Users clean up tool to get rid of inactive users after X days or not posting..
I don't know of any addon like this. But for the purpose of removing spammers it is better to ban instead of delete.

11c) Usergroup Legend on bottom of forums..
That would be a template edit.

11d) Thread thumbnails. Currently it shows user's avatar, but way to pull first image bbcode for it?

11e) User albums, galleries, blogs.. whatever.. lol
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