A few questions about pages!


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Thanks for your replies.

1) I have the page name in URL Portion however it dosent show up in the breadcrumbs when viewing that page, is that correct? It only shows up when viewing a child page.

Home>Forum (When viewing presenters page)
Home>Forum>Presenters (When viewing a child of presenters page)

Is it possible to get it to say what page your actually on?

2) Sorry Dean, I didnt mean the URL, I meant how do I stop "Forum" showing up in the breadcrumbs when people are viewing my custom pages. So instead of Home > Forum > My Page it shows Home > My Page


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Thanks Brogan.

So theres no way to remove the "Forum" from the breadcrumbs? Would some kind of conditional statement work at all?


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Sorry DaveL, I mis-understood your question.

Brogan is far better with these things than I am, I'll let him help you.