XF 1.5 A few question about usergroups

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Tattooed Theist

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Okay, so I'm running a Christian vs Atheist debate forum.

One Category is for Atheists only, so I've set up a usergroup and applied that permission - same goes for the Christian only category.
So that only users who belong to each group can view and participate in those discussions.

Upon registration I would like to FORCE users to choose one of the two usergroups "atheist" or "christian."
So that, once a Mod accepts the request, they have access to one of those forums but not the other.

I've uploaded the attached add-on, but I cant figure out how to use it??
when I go to register a new account it wont let me, it says "you must enter a joinable group"
Yet there is no where to join the group, it's not showing up on the page.


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