A few more RM questions...

1) Can RM go further levels than cat/sub-cat?

2) Can RM store & retrieve files from a remote site, like via ftp? I don't mean uploaders specifying a location. I mean it doing it automatically and seamless. My host is great, but the bw limit is a bit low, so this helps get around that. I'm pretty sure you can do that it IP.Downloads.

3) The tabs you have at the top here (Any, Paid, Free) removable if you don't have the charging enabled? All of our files will be free.




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There is talk of a tabs manager.
You can also cut those tabs out using css.

To retrieve remote files you'd need an addon.


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Thanks. Any idea about question #1?
No sorry or I'd have said. I'd imagine either it can have nested categories, or it would be a fairly easy addon.
The mods have a preview of it to test - I think Brogan has one anyway. they'll be checking this thread and answer the missing bit :)


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nimja'd by Brogan as usual.

XF is back to normal.
Hugs Paul - er very respectful hugs cos of that delicate chest and of course Londoner's dignity.