A Few feature questions


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I was considering IPB for a new site until i discovered these forums. They look amazing, just had a couple questions. I plan to use the forums for a local buy/sell/event posting site.

1. Can google maps be added for posters to select a general area of where they are at.
2. Is there an option to allow a post to also be posted to facebook
3. I see there are a few wordpress matching themes, can wordpress be integrated to pull posts from the forums and post them as news, or is there a simple "home page" portal?


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If you enter your location in your profile, clicking it will bring up Google Maps.

Only threads can be posted to Facebook, not individual posts. You could probably do it with a mod though.

There is no official portal but there is an add-on: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/8wayrun-com-xenporta-portal.7586/
Pulling threads for display on another page is relatively simple with the correct code, a few people have done it a few different ways. Here's one: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/latest-posts-on-your-website.8798/