A couple of usability/presentation issues


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1) When there are several subcategories in any given category that serves only as a categorization aid, the fact that there is content in these subcategories (or that they exist) is effectively hidden.


category: Animal Pictures
sub: Bird Pictures
sub: Cat Pictures

The category is empty, because it serves only as a container for the subcategories. However, when a user clicks on the Animal Pictures link, he gets to see only "No media has been added yet. Add Media.".

There is no way for a user to know that there is any content inside the container category, because the subcategories appear only in the side navigation (hardly anyone will notice this) and not in the main focus area. What I would expect to see when clicking "Animal Pictures" is two folder thumbs, Bird Pictures and Cat Pictures, listing the number of pictures inside each etc. directly in the main content area.

2) When (sub)category names go over a certain length, they appear shortened with ... in the side navigation. The problem is, mousing over does not make the full name of the category appear, instead leaving a user guessing what's inside. This is especially problematic in case of names like this:

- Awesome Console Game Screenshots
- Awesome Console Game Maps

What a user sees is:

- Awesome Console Game ...
- Awesome Console Game ...