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[8wayRun.Com] XenPorta (Module Add-Ons)

I dont know how to make modules so im asking if someone has some spare time if some one could make that:

Asks for image url, then a link to take you to when clicked, i tried the Bb code sidebar mod, but that only allows one block, i want a few
Here is the updated version of RandomQuote Module. I was unable to import font color, so I left it as default. This one should work in all browsers.

I tried this with XenPorta 1.5.0 and I get "The provided file is not a block XML file."

Any ideas?
I tried this with XenPorta 1.5.0 and I get "The provided file is not a block XML file."

Any ideas?

That's for the older version of XenPorta I believe. It's not a valid block file for v1.5.0. Jaxel changed a lot of things with v1.5.0 and older blocks won't work with it.
Has anyone made a duplicate module for recent thread yet?

I saw Jaxel's instruction to replace every instance of recent thread with recent thread2 but i am unable to get it right.. pity me
What would be the easiest way to make a HTML sideblock(module)?
P.S. i use xenportal that that helps
I can't find out where you edit the HTML and I sure don't want homer simpson quotes on my site! :)

Appearance ->Styles -> Templates

Edit EWRblock_HtmlBlock template, insert a HTML code you want :)

Text block example:

<div class="section">
    <div class="secondaryContent" id="HtmlBlock">
        <h3>Homer Simpson Quotes</h3>
          <p>Facts are meaningless - you could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!<br /> Homer</p>
OK, has anyone gotten any of the RecentNews2 extra blocks posted in this thread to work along side RecentNews? I've tried myself, and tried both versions posted in this thread, and everytime I activate the RecentNews2 block it breaks my forum. PHP error in line 7 of RecentNews.php.....(notice, not RecentNews2.php) and it throws php errors for about every php file related to Recent News also.

It seems the two interfere with each other somehow, and I'm not a good enough coder to figure it out. But I don't see anyone else having that trouble so maybe it's just me? I really need another block on the portal to pull posts from a different forum than Recent News, but so far no joy. :(
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