XF 1.4 6 Millionen Posts and 1500 Forums

Hello, we have a great forum about 6 million posts and about 1500 forums.
The Home (Forum index) is very slow. The Index need 2 seconds to load and consumes about 70 MB Memory.

Property now already the subnodes away - thus we could be save 1 seconds. Are there any other tips to speed up
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Well, that's pretty much what you'd need to do. The amount of data needed and the amount of work that needs to be done scales with the number of nodes you have. Regardless of what is being displayed, the nodes are still needed for calculations.


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If you use nginx you can cache the front page only for 5 or 10 min for guest (micro-cache) and use a cron to re-cache the page.
This doesn't apply to members.