XF 1.5 404 Page Not Found on Maintenance Mode


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Ran across this problem after setting up a new forum installation for a friend. I currently have my own forum with the same exact web stack and everything and I'm not having an issue. However, when placing the board in "maintenance mode," everyone except myself receives a 404 Page Not Found Nginx error. I'm pretty sure this may be a quick and minor fix or permissions, but I'm not able to figure it out.


Chris D

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This sounds like some sort of rewrite/redirection must be occurring.

I'm assuming by "maintenance mode" you're referring to the "Board is active" option being disabled.

When this happens, XF will send a 503 (Service Unavailable) response code. It's possible to redirect such responses to a 404 error if desired in the nginx config, perhaps this is what is happening.

If you open up the Network tab of your browser's developer console, you may see the redirection taking place.