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Fixed 404 page messed up?

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Just a note: This also happens on any other page on this site if you double the initial / after http://xenforo.com

I cannot, however, reproduce the issue on my server (or a few random XenForo forums I tried), so I think this is a XenForo.com issue.
Same here on my forum... whether I put 1 / or 30 of 'em it just goes to the location requested, stripping out the "/".
For XenForo.com, it does give that trashed out page.
Let's blame it on Mike messing with the code on the support forum. :p


Well-known member
Can't confirm in my site, /forum is redirected to subdomain forum.domain.com.

What I got is: The requested page could not be found.