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XF 1.5 404 on /forum/login/login/login


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Hi, I'm looking through the top 404 errors on my server, and the #1 is a 404 on /forum/login/login/login with referrer /forum/login/ so I know this isn't users typing this in erroneously, rather the actual login page referencing this URL. I've never seen a 404 error directly or had anyone report any issues with registration (/forum/login/login), so I'm wondering if there is some erroneous reference somewhere to this non-existent page somewhere or a honeypot or something? There are 850 404s just this month alone, so seems to be happening pretty regularly. I could always create a 301 to redirect /forum/login/login/login to /forum/login/login, but "fixing" this may end up breaking the way it is working now with the error. Is this something others can confirm, or know what is causing? Thanks.
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