XF 1.4 403 errors ONLY when messing with ad code add-on


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Hey all,

I haven't changed anything on my forum or web server (knownhost), but am unable to insert ad code - or even modify ad code - without getting a 403 error.
Having done a search here I assume this is a problem with my ISP (they may have changed something on mod_security, etc)?

Am I on the right track?

This error is being thrown off when I try to, for example, modify the ad code in Digital Point Ad thingy (existing code runs...but I can't mod it) or when using AD Monetize (which I just installed and can't use at all with ad code...didn't try it with manual links yet)....

So is there some kind of setting in mod_security that doesn't let this type of JS insertion be done? Could it have anything to do with my old version of XF?

Chris D

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The likely candidates would either be mod_security in which case your host will need to configure this, or it could be as simple as a browser extension for blocking ads, such as uBlock or Adblock.