Add-on 3rd Party Cron Job Plugin/Add-on

First I'll start off this would be a paid project. If its something someone would be willing to work on for us. Send me a PM and an estimate on price and length it would take for something like this to be accomplished.

To best understand what I want, I run a free to play poker site. The poker "software" allows us to create scheduled "tournaments." So we make these "Tournaments" everyday by hand for each hour of the day and takes a little bit of time. I want a plugin that allows us to create a seduced Cron event that inserts data into the SQL database. These tournaments wouldn't be exactly the same each day. We want to have special monthly, weekly, and even yearly games. That needs to be an option to have a Tournament created on every 1st of each month or every Monday. These would be classified a "Special" Games and they would over ride any non "special" or lower ranking game.

For Example
A normal tournament called "Texas Holdem" is created every day at 1:00 PM but on Mondays I want to replace that tournament with a game called "Monday Madness Holdem" that has different tournament settings. I also don't want two tournaments at the same time. Lets say next month, the 1st is on a Monday (just an example). I want that to over ride any weekly/daily games. Then any yearly games over ride any monthly/weekly/daily games. For example this year Christmas is on Monday, I want a special Christmas tournament for that day. I also want to have a 1 time tournament that would over ride any other game. Say we're doing a sponsored game or some special event.
So long story short I want tournaments created in this order, One time games > Yearly > Monthly > Weekly > Daily. Created in their respective order and only one game will fill a spot for a specific time.

The best way for us, is to allow us to create these tables In Xenforo. We would fill out the data to be inserted into the SQL for storage and when its time to create the tournaments it will copy specific data from the stored area in the SQL, to an area for our poker program to read it.
Ultimately there will be 1 Cron that runs at a specific time (say 12:01 AM each day). It will first look for Games created for one time use copy it and then delete the SQL entry (because its one time). Then it will look for yearly games, and so on, and then fill the rest with daily games. We plan on having a game for each hour of the day, so 24 games in total.

I'll provide some SQL data, files and screenshots of how we manually create these tournaments in the back end of out poker "software" when the job is accepted.
There are a total of 76 database entries for each tournament all in one table, plus any extra for the method the creator wishes to take to sort day, time, and priority each tournament is copied/created to the poker's SQL table. Just to give an idea how customized these tournaments can be. Most fields are typed in but some pulls a list from another part of of the poker's SQL and makes an entry for the tournament.