3 year licenses

i am purchasing a second hand license from someone. He says he has a license bought on 5oct ,2010 (the first day Xenforo sold its first license) and that their was a promotional offer for the first month that anyone that buys Xenforo in the first month will get it for 3 years.

Is this true?
i have also seen people with 2 year licenses was their any type of promotional offers in past and i am not been scammed out?

also is their anyway to confirm the license ownership?
no actually i by mistake made a account in past with whom i am posting here and a few days ago i didn`t remembered that i have a account here and today when i was changing my email i realized that i already have a account here so want to delete my other account here. Is it possible?
If yes i will pm you my other accounts email.


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Sure, go ahead if you wish.

But many people have duplicate accounts here so I wouldn't worry too much about it.


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As far as I was aware, you paid $140 for the license and $40 p/a for support and upgrades. I guess a 3-year license has pre-paid $120 for the 3 years worth of support and upgrades + $140 for the license?


The license isn't 3 years. Support is per year. Paying for support has nothing to do with how long you can run your license.
Just see the expiry date and you will get what i was trying to say

He said he got it in a promotion offer held in the first month and when i said him to open a ticket to verify license ownership. He just got vanished and don`t even reply to my pm or mail.


The license will not expire, you have permission to run the license for basically an unlimited amount of time. Even after the expiry date.

The expiry date reflects access to 'updates' and 'support'.

He probably paid for the license, and paid for additional support years.


Imagine your expiry date ends on 30th of December, 2011. In a few months.
And let's skip a few months ahead in time, it's now March 2012.

The expiry date is now behind us, history.

You can continue to run the instance of XenForo, with the version you're running it with.

Ok, now it's June 2012, and version 1.2 comes out. Now what?

Nothing, you have a valid license and are still allowed to run the version you're having.
But your download area won't list version 1.2, because your expiry date has passed.

You can pay $40 to get download access to newer releases.

You pay, the expiry date is now in the future again, and the download area will list the 1.2 releases. You can download and upgrade.

Note: dates and releases are fictional for the purpose of the example.
I know that but the main thing was that he was showing me pic taken from net and was trying to fool me. But i was lucky to first confirm it here. :D


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Why they have duplicate accounts?
So one can be an ass on one account and business-like on the account that's specific to one's forum without that being an ass has any negative effect on the forum one represents here. That's about the only thing I can think of really.