Selling and buying second hand licenses

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Although we would prefer that licenses are purchased directly from us, we do understand and appreciate that there is a market for second hand licenses.

With that in mind, please ensure that the license you are selling, or buying, is eligible to be transferred.

Licenses are eligible to be transferred 90 days after purchase or since it was transferred to you and must be active.

What this means is you can only sell the license 3 months or more after the initial purchase, or since it was transferred to you, and it must have active support (which can be renewed for $55 for a basic forum license) if it is 12 months or older.

If you are the buyer, ask the seller to provide the validation token so you can check that it is eligible for transfer:

If you are the seller, once you have sold the license, log in to your customer account and submit a ticket requesting a transfer.
We will then verify the license can be transferred and contact the buyer to complete the process, which will include creating a new customer account for them if they are not already a customer.

Under any circumstances, do not hand over your customer account to a third party, provide the log in details to them, sell/transfer a license which is not eligible to be transferred, or otherwise breach the terms of the license agreement:

Doing so may result in restrictions being imposed on the account and ultimately licenses can be deactivated or revoked completely.

There is no charge to transfer a license and we have tried to make the process as simple as possible, so please do not bypass the procedure we have in place.

As far as selling and buying is concerned, we don't permit trading on this site, so please use a dedicated site for that.

Thank you.
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