XF 1.4 3 XenForo Forums, only 1 Paypal IPN...


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So paypal only allows you to set up one IPN. Which is kinda ********. Along side 3 xenforo forums, I run and manage dozens of websites all of which get sent payments. It is getting tiring to manually do everything because paypal only allows you to set one IPN which essentially only lets you have one website that gets everything done automatically.

Can't XenForo set up the notify_url api crap so we don't need the IPN to have users get automatically upgraded when they send a payment?

Along side that, does anyone know of any alternatives to be able to get something set up to have multiple IPNs?

Also, you are not allowed to get multiple paypal accounts. They will be deleted unless each account is either it's own person, or it's own legal identity. I CBA to incorporate every single one of my websites just so I can get a new paypal for each. Besides that, managing more then 1-2 paypals would be annoying just as much as not having more then one IPN.

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Liam W

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XenForo does set the notify_url callback...

You just need to put a value in PayPal to ensure IPN's are enabled on your account.



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It just needs to have a URL set in PayPal for them to send IPNs. Based on your latest ticket, you have done that as you wouldn't get any log entries and user upgrades wouldn't work if IPNs weren't sent.

Gene Steinberg

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OK, upgrades did seem to work despite not enabling IPN in PayPal at first, but I got error notices in the logs.

To clarify what PayPal merchant support told me: You can set any valid URL that you use in their IPN setup. It doesn't have to be the actual callback URL from your XF installation (and remember I have 3). So I used www.theparacast.com.

Since doing that, and resending the IPNs listed in PayPal's IPN history, the situation appears to have stabilized.