XF 2.1 1 paypal address for 2 or more different forums


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I try to find out a way to use one paypal email address for 2 or more different forums. PayPal only allows up to 7 different paypal emails addresses per PayPal account.

Let's assume I register a neutral email address with my paypal account.
Let's assume I put that email address into 3 different xenforo forums in ACP/payment profiles/ PayPal Primary Account Email.

What happens technically now, if in all these 3 different forums a user makes a donation? will he be automatically upgraded in the correct xenforo forum?

I mean how does PayPal know from which of these 3 different forums the donation or the subscription is coming, if all 3 use the same paypal email address?

I this coded in a kind of link-string?


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Is that information also availbale for the user then?

So that he sees in his PayPal account, that he subscribed for forum #1 and not forum #3, although both use the same paypal email adress?